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Hi, I'm a 17 years old lesbian teenager. I love God, my girlfriend, my family, sciences and cars.

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We don’t know what we have until we lose it

And I’ve lost my everything.

How could I’ve been so stupid and so blind to not see she was the love of my life. She was my everything. She was my life. She’s still my life, but I just lose it. If could go back, I would change everything and treat her like a queen every second we spend together, but the if doesn’t exist. How could I live without her, without my soul mate, without my best friend, without the love of my life? somebody help me. Can somebody tell how do we live without our life, because that’s what she was/is my entire life. I feel like shit. I just let go the best girl in the universe. 



We need to talk about the annual Taksim Pride Parade that is held in Istanbul- a city that is predominantly Muslim (99%) but is host to one of the largest LGBT parades in all of Europe and undoubtedly in all of the Muslim world.

For me, fewer photos are more heartwarming than these.

Participants come from every corner of Turkey and the world, and everyone from young children, to the old men and women march and support their LGBT friends and family. Signs participants hold up usually have slogans like, “Lesbians exists”, “Transsexuals exist”, “We are resisting your offenses” and “We will not turn”.

Just google ‘Taksim Pride Parade’ to see more of these extraordinary photos.

(via gayforlove)



I love Ellen and Portia! They are literally my heroes in life!!

Oh, but look how “disgusting” gay marriage is. Yes, this is clearly a disgusting and immoral scenario. This is not romantic and adorable and beautiful at all. This is clearly breaking traditional marriage and the world will probably explode from this.

(via femme-lesbians)

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